Vijayaba Kollaya

Vijayabahu VI of Kotte
Vijayabahu VI was the son of Vira Parakrama Bahu VIII, who was an adopted child of Parakrama Bahu VI who founded Kotte. He was born in c. 1445 and grew up together with his brothers Sri Rajasinghe, Dharma Parakramabahu IX, and Raigam Bandara. He also had a sister who was married to Manamperi Arachchi.
Born: 1445
Died: 1521
Parents: Parakramabahu VIII of Kotte
Reign: 1513–1521
Children: Bhuvanaikabahu VII of Kotte, Raigama Bandara, Mayadunne of Sitawaka, Bhuvanekabahu VII of Sri Lanka
Siblings: Parakramabahu IX of Kotte

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